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Reminder about 18 year old bowlers

Everyone,  we need to head off the issue of our athletes who have aged out
of their youth leagues.  If a youth turned 18 before August 1st, they are no longer
eligible to bowl in any certified USBC youth league.  So we all know without information giving to our coaches, our athletes will be bowling in adult leagues.   So in reality, our 18 year olds cannot bowl if they plan on bowling High school.
The only type of certified league they will be able to participate in is an Adult/youth league with no prize fund or alcohol available.

Updated: October 30, 2020 — 1:41 pm


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  1. My daughter turned 18 before the Aug 1, 2020, deadline. She still has 1 more year left of high school and plans to participate in their bowling program. I just want to confirm that that the only league she can bowl in is an adult/youth league and not a regular adult league.

    1. She is unable to participate in a regular adult league as those leagues are for prize money.

  2. My kid just turned 18 in October and is only a junior so next year will he still be able to bowl as long as he isn’t bowling in an adult youth league

    1. He can bowl in an adult/youth league with no cash prizes. He cannot bowl in an all adult league with cash prizes and still bowl high school.

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