Michigan High School Interscholastic Bowling Coaches Association

State Records/Historical Records

A complete list of State Records will take considerable time and effort. It will require assembling years of data from the past 15 years of High School competition (the first 5 years were under the guidance of the Bowling Centers Association of Michigan and the Michigan High School Bowling Congress). Some of those years included team scores with bonus points (bonus points cannot be used in tallying records). Coaches are asked to submit scores and win-loss records to Angie Hollis. Verification of some sort will be asked before a score becomes official unless it has been posted on this site within the last two years.
Our endeavor is to list all of the coaches in the various categories listed below. If you have other areas of consideration, additions or corrections to make, please submit. It is expected that many areas of the records will contain omissions or errors, so PLEASE HELP US WITH CORRECTIONS and email Angie Hollis. Anyone wishing to volunteer in assisting with the State Records Team will be happily accepted. We are working in Microsoft Excel.

Individual Records

Team High Game Records

Team Series Records


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