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MHSIBCA COMMITTEES MHSIBCA members who would wish to join one of the committees, should email Robert Tubbs. Most committee members work individually on specific aspects toward their duties. Meetings of committees are generally once or twice a year. All committees listed have a short synopsis or purpose along with committee chairpersons and those currently on the committee. You may sign up or give suggestions for any committee, as long as you are a member of MHSIBCA. When registering or commenting, please include your name and bowling/school connection in the email to: Robert Tubbs. MEETING/AWARDS BANQUET AUDIT AND BUDGET
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING/AWARDS BANQUET – This committee will select a date and plan all activities for the Annual General Meeting and the Annual Awards Banquet of the MHSIBCA.
Chairperson: Robert Tubbs. Committee Members: MHSIBCA Board of Directors.


AUDIT AND BUDGET – This committee will yearly audit all financial records of the MHSIBCA and report back to the MHSIBCA Executive Board with a proposed budget for the following season.
Chairperson: Robert Tubbs. Committee Members: Sue Hutchings, Bob McKinnon, Ken Shunk.


AWARDS/HISTORICAL – This committee will select appropriate awards for All State, Coach of the Year, etc, and will solicit bids from vendors. It will also maintain records of Coach Members and their Teams/Athletes for the MHSIBCA.
Chairperson: Mike Roach. Committee Members: Sue Hutchings, Suzy Thayer.


EDUCATION – This committee (ALSO REFERRED TO AS CLINIC/SEMINAR COMMITTEE) will research various educational programs and/or seminars that may benefit coaches and/or athletes.
Chairperson: Tracy Long & Debbie Alexander. Committee Members: Jim DeLong and Scott Spahr.


LEGISLATIVE (CONSTITUTION & BY LAWS) – This committee will review and make suggested changes in the MHSIBCA Constitution and By Laws.
Chairperson: Sue Hutchings. Committee Members: Mike Roach, Scott Curtis, and Ken Shunk.


NOMINATING (EXECUTIVE OFFICERS) – This committee will solicit candidates for various offices of the MHSIBCA and present a slate of candidates to be elected.
Co Chairperson: Deb Alexander & Tracy Long. Committee Members: Executive Officers.


RANKING – POLLS/TOURNAMENTS – This committee will establish a list of the Top Teams in all three Divisions and have them posted on the MHSIBCA web site. It will also set guidelines for those wishing to have Invitational Tournaments approved and posted on the MHSIBCA web site.
Chairperson: David Kowalski. Committee Members: D1- Grant Henners & Jeremy Jurvelin, D2- Joshua Regnier, D3- Scott Curtis, D4- Scott Spahr 


SPONSORHIP – This committee will seek out meaningful sponsors for our organization.
Chairperson: Robert Tubbs. Committee Members: Full Board.
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