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2nd Round Rankings

2nd Round Rankings will be released on Feb 9, 2024

Please fill out forms and send them to the correct person for each division by Feb 6, 2024, to be considered for ranking. Don’t forget that some conferences have teams in different divisions. Please note which teams belong to which division.

Poll Ranking Summary Sheet


Poll Ranking Committee

Committee Chair- Dave Kowalski-
Division 1 – Kent Crawford –
Division 2 – Jeremy Juvelin-
Division 3 – Ron Bacon- 
Division 4 – Scott E Spahr


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1st Round Rankings are posted

1st round rankings for the 2023-24 season are posted. Please click here or go to the rankings page. If you feel that your school should have been listed check with your coach or league administrator if they sent in the information to the ranking committee. Commitee members for each division are listed on the rankings page.

Updated: January 23, 2024 — 7:51 am


Poll Rankings


The first poll release date will be the week of January 19th, 2024. Please send your information to the members listed below who are in charge of each division.  Please start sending your information beginning January 14th through the 16th!   The second posting will be February 9th again send your information right around the 4th through the 6th of February and have a great season.

Poll Ranking Summary Sheet

Poll Ranking Committee

Committee Chair- Dave Kowalski-
Division 1 – Kent Crawford –
Division 2 – Jeremy Juvelin-
Division 3 – Ron Bacon- 
Division 4 – Scott E Spahr

Please Note: Conference Summary Sheets should be submitted to the ranking committee by Noon on Wednesday of the week the poll will be released. If your conference does not submit a summary sheet by this time, the teams in this conference may not be considered for ranking.

Updated: December 28, 2023 — 5:05 pm

Discounted Membership ending SOON!!!

Discounted Membership to MHSIBCA and Liability Insurance coverage deadline is December 15, 2023. Currently, the price is $40 per coach including 1M in liability insurance through the MHSCA. After December 15, the price will be $50 per person with no extra insurance coverage.


If you know anyone who is not a coach, please encourage them to sign up. By signing up they also qualify to be nominated to coach of the year and hall of fame. Their bowlers also will qualify for year-end state awards. If a coach is not a member the bowlers will not be eligible for awards.

Updated: December 9, 2023 — 3:16 pm

MHSCA Hall of Fame


The MHSCA has changed its guidelines for consideration for the MHSCA Hall of Fame.  In the past, a candidate needed 20 years of Coaching service, no exceptions.  With the new guidelines in place, if you are a MHSIBCA HOF recipient, you are eligible no matter how many coaching years of service you have accumulated.  To submit an MHSCA application, again your years of service are waived and only one letter of recommendation need be received. Also, the 10-15-20 year coaches service award is now a downloadable certificate.  Coaches who qualify can themselves print their own certificate.  Go to the website and click the “coaches honors” box and it will take you to the list of downloadable forms included is the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame applications must be submitted by January 31st. Coaches, these are just a few benefits of being a member of our association.

If you have any questions, please contact your East Side at large Director Dave Kowalski

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The Michigan Coach November 2023 Edition

The Michigan Coach

November 2023

Click Here to View

Included in November Issue

  • 2023 Coach of the Year Pictures and Announcement
  • Rich Tompkins Muti-Sport Athlete Award Information
  • Member Benefits Information (All paid MHSIBCA coaches are members)
  • Liability Insurance Information
  • Empowering Coaches Strategies Article
  • Hall of Fame/ Years of Service Applications
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
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