Michigan High School Interscholastic Bowling Coaches Association

Award Pins

Award pins are available for members to award their bowlers. 

Available pins: 200-220-240-270-300-400-450- 500. These can be awarded as game scores or series scores. These can be shipped or acquired from JR Lafnear (Oxford) or Angie Hollis (Waterford Kettering). Contact Jr Lafnear for shipping information

Updated: September 21, 2021 — 9:16 pm


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  1. How much are the pins?

    1. Pins are $3 each. They can be shipped or picked up at many tournaments when we are in attendance.

      1. What tournaments will you be at so that I can make sure that I will make sure that I can be there

        1. JR Lafnear will be at Oakland County Tournament. I will be at Shorian Lanes on the 22nd.

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