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Month: June 2023

MHSAA Changes for 2023-24 Season

New MHSAA Guidelines for the 2023-24 Season


1) The new apparel rule for shirts: the MHSAA has approved the usage of soccer style shirts. The example: bowling equipment Style shirts with school logos and no collar are acceptable. Standard polo’s are still approved. However, a traditional cotton tee shirt is still not acceptable.

2) Team Finals Match Play: The MHSAA approved the move from our two baker one Peterson game total wood determining a winner, to a best 3 out of 5 baker game match. If, one program happens to win the first 3 baker games, and the future opponent is still competing. The team that is waiting for the other team to finish, will be allowed to practice to stay loose on their existing pair.

3) The Phantom 2 pattern: after 2 years of the post season using the original Phantom pattern. We will be moving to the Phantom 2, the only real difference is oil up front has been extended. This new pattern will stand up longer. It has been in use at tournaments last season, oiling for the afternoon session of match play a tournament has an option of not have to be completed.

4) The move from 6 to 8 regional sites per division: with the additional sites, the elimination of the regional sites having up to 19 programs will be reduced to a max of 13 and most will have 11-12. The teams advancing to the state finals will be reduced per site from 3 to 2, for singles, 7 in place of 10 will advance to the Saturday state finals.

5) The LP and UP will have the same start date: after 8 plus years of trying to get our start times the same, it was finally approved. With the loss of centers and many of our centers hosting 4 or more programs. The current tryout start date in November created such a crowded condition, that many programs did not have time to determine teams or order apparel. However, the season start date is also moved up. But, a program/conference can wait to start their season until the traditional 1st weekend of December or later. This year’s dates are November 9th for tryouts and November 25th (Thanksgiving weekend).

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION General Membership Meeting

The MHSIBCA Fall Annual General Meeting will be held Saturday October 7th 9:00am check in begins at 8:30 at Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park. 


There will be a MHSAA in person rules meeting, an on lane/power point session, lunch and the annual meeting including elections.

This is coaches, your opportunity to participate in your association, give your opinions and what direction it should follow, AND become a board member or regional director!!!


Board Positions up for election this fall are:

1st Vice President,


Sargent at Arms,

Regions 1, 2 and 3 Directors

 West side at large director

Memberships will be accepted at the meeting, or by mail before December 15th (discounted price). Included with the membership is the MHSCA coaches’ liability insurance and Multi Coach discount which the 2 varsity coaches (one boy and one girl), cost is $40, but any remaining coaches cost is $15.  This can include assistant varsity coaches and JV coaches.  After the December 15th through the February 10th postmarked deadline, the cost is $50 for all level of coaches and no multi coach discount option or insurance is available.

ALSO, your association membership also offers you and your athletes post season recognition, which includes, coach of the year, all state both performance and academic, Dream team and Mr. and Miss bowler recognition, multiple scholarships for athletes to apply for, along with the afore mentioned liability insurance for you during your time with your athletes, a score recognition program which offers pins for purchase and MHSCA years of recognition award.


Don’t do yourself or your athletes a possible disservice. Remember, it is the parents or guardians of athletes that wonder why your program was not a member if their athlete was possibly eligible for recognition. 

Join the MHSIBCA!

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