Michigan High School Interscholatsic Bowling Coaches Association


he Michigan High School Interscholastic Bowling Coaches Association is an organization developed for coaches and interested persons who wish to promote high school and/or interscholastic bowling in the State of Michigan. Those wishing to apply for membership may submit an application to the MHSIBCA.

The association has been organized to:
►Promote high school and interscholastic bowling as an integral part of the total school educational program.
►Provide a forum for discussion of techniques and rules of bowling.
►Place at the disposal of coaches sources of information for education and development of both the coach and the student.
►Promote the highest possible ethical standards in coaching high school and interscholastic bowling.
►Provide recognition of the outstanding coaches and players of its membership.
►Provide continuing development and organization of interscholastic bowling coaches in the State of Michigan.

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