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2020 High School Bowling Rankings

Conference Poll Ranking Summary Sheet

Poll Ranking Committee
Division 1 – Grant Henners & Jeremy Jurvelin & Dave Kowalski
Division 2 – Joshua Regnier & Dave Kowalski
Division 3 – Scott Curtis & Dave Kowalski
Division 4 – Mike Roach & Dave Kowalski

Please Note: Conference Summary Sheets should be submitted to the ranking committee by 12:00pm (Noon) on Wednesday of the week the poll will be released. If your conference does not submit a summary sheet by this time, the teams in this conference may not be considered for ranking.

Poll 1: January 31, 2020
Poll 2: February 17, 2020
FINAL RANKINGS: March 13, 2020

Poll Ranking Information

To have your conference teams considered, the following guidelines must be followed:

Collection of Data: The Committee will begin collecting data on the Monday through Tuesday before the scheduled posting date. Each conference will select a point person to gather the statistics of the previous matches. This point person will provide a complete league standings sheet (includes High Team Games, High Baker Games and individual averages) which shows won/lost standings and Division affiliation. Cumulative point total conferences will not be considered for ranking. If the sheets cannot be sent to the committee members. PLEASE make sure they are sent to the website. But remember, the standings and stats information might not be posted in time for a current ranking date for a conference to be considered. And most important, conference point people are REQUIRED to include a summary sheet of who should be considered to be ranked in the polls and why. This information can only be processed by the committee members.

Do not send the summary sheets to the website. The committee members doing the work are listed above with their Email addresses, Fax Numbers and Division listed. For Invitational Tournaments, the Tournament Directors should also turn in a recap summary sheet of their events. The committee is aware and favors teams that take the initiative and travels outside of their conference for competition. Below are some examples of what should be considered in the summary. Point people, please consider teams that are not postseason eligible! It is so important we recognize these schools when we can. Again, send a conference standings sheet for posting on the association website. The website provides this service for conferences to be recognized.

Examples of what should be included in the summary sheets:

1) Teams of a lower division finding success in conferences with higher division teams. Same applies to tournaments and invitationals.

2) Strength of competition, when 2 conference powerhouses go head to head in a close match.

3) Losses incurred due to teams traveling to and participating in an invitational/tournament. The committee will not penalize teams that take a conference loss due to a conflict in dates.

4) Outstanding individual accomplishments. Both conference and invitationals/tournaments.

5) Baker game information

6) Are the conditions in a conference tough and who battled to succeed on those tough conditions.

7) Invitational Tournament list of team award winners and how they competed.

8) If Standing Sheet is not posted, send Email with attachment or FAX: 989-684-9830!

9) Send Information to: Your Division Poll Ranking Committee Member & Dave Kowalski.

NOTE: Official Polls are compiled by the MHSIBCA Team Ranking Committee based on information provided by Member Coaches, Standing Sheets posted on this site, and MHSIBCA approved Invitational Tournament results. If you have questions about your school’s listing, contact the Team Ranking Committee member listed above.
If your program is not listed in the rankings below it is possible that your coach or conference coordinator did not supply the ranking information to the ranking committee.

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