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  1. How do you guys figure out the rankings? The division 1 rankings are definitely flawed. The “number 1” team averages 920 per 5 man game.

    1. Richard, where are you from? Are you involved in high school bowling? It appears from your comment that you would like to volunteer to do the rankings, we are always looking for some good help. Please respond and let us know when you will be taking over the rankings (the job is open). Thanks

  2. As Richard Allison’s parent I think it is a fair question. He is a high school bowler and I think the response to his question seems harsh in the least. The question in question is how is the ranking done or better yet where can we find the scale or ranking tool if there is one. Again I think it is a fair question and the response was inappropriate. Cynthia Allison

    1. No disrespect meant whatsoever in the response. Doing the rankings is a very difficult job. If you believe the system is flawed, then I encourage everyone to get involved and help repair it. Not trying to be harsh as you said but we need help with this stuff and we get no volunteers to help. There is no magic system or scale to do rankings. We rely on coaches or a conference coordinator to turn in information on teams and tell us how they feel their teams stack up against others. The team that is ranked number #1 is the defending state champions, they have gone undefeated in their conference this year and they have performed very well in every tournament they have bowled in. Their team average means nothing since they bowl in difficult centers and all on the Randy Allen pattern. I hope that is the answer you are looking for and again I apologize if you thought my response was “harsh”, it was not meant that way, we need help.

      1. We as well bowl in different centers and bowl on the Randy Allen pattern. And the #1 “team” did not even go undefeated in their conference. We went the last two years undefeated and the past three years only had one loss so tell me how they are still “#1”

      2. They won one tournament this year and we won two so……

  3. And we also avg 1040 with 4 people avg 210+

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