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Month: February 2020

2nd Rankings Info DUE TODAY

Info for 2nd rankings due today! Send your rankings summary sheet to the respective committee members below based on your division.

Poll Ranking Summary Sheet

Poll ranking summary sheet does not need to be completed by the conference director, individual schools can complete with their information only.

Poll Ranking Committee:

Division 1 – Grant Hanners & Jeremy Jurvelin: & Dave Kowalski:

Division 2 – Joshua Regnier: & Dave Kowalski:

Division 3 – Scott Curtis: & Dave Kowalski:

Division 4 – Mike Roach: & Dave Kowalski:

Updated: February 19, 2020 — 5:44 am

Dates & Reminders

Change in All State Selections: All-State teams will be determined by the top 16 individuals at state tournament in each division of which are MHSIBCA member schools. Bowlers from non-member schools will not be included for all-state teams.

MHSIBCA Pins: High score pins are available for purchase. Contact JR Lafnear at 248-628-9344 for more info!


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